Giving you the news you need to make a change in your community. 

The Charlotte Voice will give you essential information you need for you and your family.

  • Do you want to know where and when your children can get vaccinated? 
  • What happens if your child tests positive for COVID and has to quarantine at home for 10 days or more? 
  • How can you become more involved in shaping the policies of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools?
  • Where can you find resources such as food and help with rent and utilities if you become unemployed and need emergency assistance for you and your children?

Why some people are looking forward to reading
The Charlotte Voice:

“I want more opportunities to
connect with the community
and the people.”

- A new Charlotte resident

“I want to change policies to help increase funding to some schools so
they can have the same learning experiences that students in more affluent neighborhoods have.”

- A college advisor 

“I want to know more about what the police are doing to better relate to people in our communities.”

- A Charlotte college student

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Freelance writer and editor, Alicia Benjamin, creator of The Charlotte Voice, has written for The Charlotte Observer, QCity Metro, the Wilmington News Journal, Pride Magazine in Charlotte, the Baltimore Afro-American and other news outlets. She received scholarships to attend The Op-Ed Project’s Write to Change the World workshop and THREAD at Yale, a workshop for non-fiction storytellers at Yale University. Alicia, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations board member, has lived in Charlotte, with her daughter, for 15 years and wants to see the city and ALL of its people thrive. 

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